about me

Jewelyn Butron 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️️ (they/she/siya) here and I’m glad you made it. I have 10+ years of experience in the print and digital worlds of art direction, packaging, branding, typography, web design, illustration, decks, content creation, UI/UX, augmented and virtual reality, animation... and the constant desire to learn. I help people tell their stories.

I have a love for the movement of our vessels, diving within, and sparking others to share their unique stories. I ride waves of curiousities from health, to sports, to design, to art, to blockchain, to fashion, to nature, to herbalism, to dance, to music, to magic, and to the joy of expressing ourselves with our most potential. I am a collaborator, a  rule maker, and rule breaker. 

Find me in pixels, find me in ink, find me in the city, find me in the ocean, find me in the breeze, find me in the trees, find me within thee. 🌀️

I am always looking to collaborate and share your story.

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︎email:  jewelynbutron@gmail.com  

 @hypebreast   @celestialactsofkindness