welcome to space. these are celestial acts of kindness.

DM/Email for inquires, purchases, questions or the art! Or say hello ;) Scroll down for the Virtual Gallery - jewelzbutron@gmail.com
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18 x 24”  Purple Corona Crown Chakra, Krink Ink, 2019
Sliding scale: $50-$150.
Original large ink prints! Purple for the crown chakra, purple for feeling, purple for the cosmos. Some have slight water damage, it gives it personality ;). Will show you a preview before purchase.

36 x 46”  BeYou BBALL Print, Red Krink Ink, 2017
Sliding scale: $250-$400 - Shipping TBD. I have so much love for this print. 

Acrylic on Canvas

Big Boi, 2016-2017
Sliding: $150-250 Ink on Large Print. DM/Email for more information on sizing.

Wood, Rarer, than Diamonds

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Collectibles, blast from the past

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