An app where you share places you love with friends and family.

This social mobile app allows you to keep a personal curated list of your favorite places, such as restaurants, drinking holes, mom and pop shops, speakeasys, spas, hide outs, and so on! It’s where you place for you to discover new places from friends, family, experts, and people from around the world. Branding, UI/UX, Illustration, Web design. Agency: Corse Design Factory. Fun fact, ‘Kort’ in Danish means map!

mobile ui
Comment, review, post, and show love to your favorite places in cities around the world. Curate these lists for friends and family to explore.

Playful, light, and minimal to invoke a sense of curiousity and a feeling of “building your own world” and “filling in the blanks.”

landing page
Parallax scrolling